Luxury Gel Pillow

Superior support & cooling comfort with molded memory foam core

Koala Bamboo brought the original bamboo pillow to Australia, and it’s our vision to get one under every head. Experience the difference of amazing sleep with a quality pillow.


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Combination of three unique properties to deliver the ultimate night’s sleep

There’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep… and there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable pillow!

  1. Solid memory foam core: Highest quality, solid core, memory foam offers softness, comfort and support. Memory foam reacts positively to your body warmth by softening and molding to fit snuggly to your body contours. Memory foam provides a unique combination of soft, gentle & firm support providing pressure relief and maximum comfort.
  2. Cooling gel pad:  Our cooling gel pad is filled with a unique cooling, soothing to touch, comfort gel. The gel pad disperses heat, offering a cooling sensation to assist in keeping you comfortable all night long.
  3. Dual sided pillow case: The only pillow on the market that offers two different fabric sides to suit your comfort needs:

Side One: Ice Fibre Fabric (rayon, Nien fiber, viscose filament yarn) is made from cutting edge textile manufacturing in a revolutionary weave which makes the fabric cool to touch and maximises air flow properties.

Side Two: Bamboo Fibre Fabric (40%) which has the unique properties of bamboo: Anti- bacterial, low irritant, low allergy and low odour qualities, is breathable to regulate air flow and is moisture wicking drawing moisture away from the skin. The pillow case is removable for gentle machine washing and maximum hygiene..


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