Linen Care

We highly recommend that you wash your linen before using. Koala Bamboo fibre products are made slightly larger to allow for shrinkage on your first wash and dry. This shrinkage is the softening of the Bamboo “Kun” and results in the linen feeling softer and more luxurious. In fact the more you wash Bamboo linen, the better it feels!

Bamboo linens are best washed in cold water. Always wash your Bamboo fibre products with like colours. Remove promptly to avoid cross colour staining. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Chlorine free spot remover is safe to use when following the instructions on any stains and then you can wash as normal.

As the density of the fibre is heavier than cotton you do require slightly longer drying times.

Bamboo linen can be tumble dried on low heat.

If you choose to iron your linen please only do so on the reverse side on a low heat.