About Us

We’re on a mission.

Koala Bamboo exists because we fell in love. As soon as bamboo fibre touched our skin, we knew we were onto something big: the future of textiles. 

Our hero product is Australia’s original bamboo pillow – forget cheap knock-offs, we brought the real deal to the Aussie market, and we won’t rest until we get a bamboo pillow under every head. We’re already planning several initiatives to get this happening, from working with charities to simply giving them away! Yep, we’re serious.

Each product in our range is carefully selected for its value for money, benefits and quality; we don’t do compromise – and it’s been that way for twenty-five years.

Join us in the bright future of healthy, sustainable clothing, manchester and home wares and accessories.


Why Bamboo?

Quite simply, everything that touches the skin should be made from bamboo. There is no better fibre on the planet when it comes to these amazing benefits:

  • It is softer than high-end fabrics like silk and cashmere and at a fraction of the price.
  • It is a sustainable resource, unlike cotton.
  • It is renowned for its incredible health benefits including antibacterial properties, as well as being hypoallergenic and odor-resistant.
  • Once you feel it, you won’t want to be in anything else.


Why choose us?

You already know we won’t compromise on quality, and that goes for our business operations too.

Our focus is on ethical practice, fine quality sustainable products and an inclusive, great company culture. We want all staff to feel like family.

As a result, we won the Employer of Choice and Business of the Year awards at the 2015 Central Coast Business Excellence Awards.

We have been market leaders in the greeting card market for twenty-five years, offering cards people love at very reasonable prices, and we want to achieve the same heights in the bamboo market. We really believe it is the wonder fabric of the 21st century, and we would be delighted to show you why.