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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep Awareness Week is happening next week! It runs from Monday 3rd August – Sunday 9th August. It is an annual event organised by the Sleep Health Foundation to help bring awareness to actions that may improve Australians health and wellness.

According to Sleep Health Foundation, Sleep is the critical third pillar in achieving maximum mental health and overall wellness. Everybody needs a good night’s sleep!

Even minor sleep deprivation can significantly affect your mood. Sleep has a strong association with mental health. A consistent good sleep may be a protective factor against conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke – as our sympathetic nervous system – which controls your fight or flight response – gets a chance to relax.

Getting into a regular bedtime routine can help to improve sleep. Check out our previous blog post How to get a good night’s sleep: The A-Z of sleep” for tips and tricks to improve your bedtime routine.

The Parliamentary Report on Sleep Health Awareness argues that sleep should become a matter of national priority.

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Disclaimer: While we do our best to gain information from reputable sources, this advice should not be interpreted as medical advice. If you are having trouble sleeping, please see your GP.

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