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How to entertain the kids using bed sheets

It is time to get creative with everyday household items! While we are all spending more time at home, we thought we would give you some ideas on how to create games and fun activities to entertain the kids – using a bed sheet!

Build a Fort

Bed sheet forts are suitable for children of all ages (& children at heart).  Create a fort using a bed sheet as a roof – add pillows, blankets, teddy bears and cushions to the floor to make the area nice and cozy. Set up a laptop with a movie and settle in for the night. Add fairy lights to light up the area.


This one works best with three or more participants. Grab a corner or two of the bed sheets, add some soft balls to the top and move the sheet up and down to allow the balls to bounce all over the sheet. The aim is to not let any balls fall on the ground.


Put one child sitting upright on the sheet (like a sled) and pull them around the house on a flat surface. This one is definitely a favourite among the kids and makes their home feel like Disneyland!


Use the bed sheet as a stage curtain so your children can perform shows, sing or dance. The curtain adds an extra element of excitement for the kids and they know when the curtain drops, it’s showtime!

Tug of War

Twist the sheet so it resembles a rope. Place a marker on the floor and the first one to pull the other to their side of the marker wins!


You will need 2 adults/older children to help with the swing. Place the sheet so it resembles a hammock and let your child lay in it, swing them back and forth like you would on a hammock swing – this one is sure to get lots of giggles!


The bed sheet can be used as a target. Using an old bed sheet, place the sheet on the ground outside (fold to the appropriate size for your child) and get them to roll or kick a ball onto it. The aim is to get the ball to land on the sheet and not roll off.

Shadow Puppets

Hang the sheet on a wall, turn off the lights and use a torch or lamp as a light source to make hand puppets. Some of our favourite shadow puppets include a bunny or a butterfly.

Picnic Blanket

Use the sheet as picnic blanket and have a picnic in the lounge room. Let them help you prepare their favourite foods and set up the picnic. Don’t forget the serviettes – it can get messy!


Perhaps the easiest game of all  (& the world’s laziest Halloween costume), simply cut two eye holes out of an old bed sheet and throw it over your head to become a ghost.

Who knew there were so many uses for one product?! We hope this has got you thinking about how you can re-purpose your old household items to prevent them being sent to landfill.

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