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Toxin Free

Naturally pest resistant and fast growing Bamboo requires zero pesticides or fertilisers for cultivation

Low Allergy

No harsh chemicals or pesticides assist with the management of allergies and irritations



Thermo Regulating

Bamboo fibre micro-gaps aid ventiliation, trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter by 2 - 3 degrees

Bacteria Restistant

Bamboo owns a unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio agent named "Bamboo Kun" which testing has shown inhibits bacteria growth



Durability & Strength

Bamboo 300 thread count is equivalent to feel, and yet stronger than 1,000 thread count cotton fabirics

Odour Restistant

Combined with it's antibacterial qualites, Bamboo's highly porous structure naturally repells odours



Earth Friendly

Cultivation of Bamboo has a green footprint requiring zero water, pesticides, fertilisers and re-planting with record CO2 consumption

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo's porous structure is highly absorbant, naturally wicking mositure away from the body




Luxury that won't cost the earth